Latest version 2.11  

Installer  eabsetup.exe  (27.3 MB)    Zip file  easyaudiobible.zip  (25.4 MB)
Includes all the NT books of the English WEB, TR and Byzantine Majority 2000 (text only)
and the book of Matthew of the English WEB in audio.
For more text and audio books go to the Bible downloads

Updater  eab-update211.exe  (4.07 MB)  
Download this if you want to update an earlier version.

Bible Downloads    audio-yes with audio    audio-no without audio

v.Books 40-43 (Gospels)MBBooks 44-66MB
preview video
chineseaudio-yesChinese (Cuv/S) 1.2eab-chinese-cuvs.exe100video-sample
ukaudio-yesEnglish WEB (World English Bible)eab-english-web.exe53eab-web-44-66.exe76video-sample3
frenchaudio-yesFrench Louis Segond (LSG 1910)eab-french-lsg.exe102video-sample
germanaudio-yesGerman Luther 19121.5eab-german-luther.exe50video-sample2
greeceaudio-yesGreek Neofytos Vamvas 1.4eab-greek-vamvas.exe94video-sample
greeceaudio-yesGreek Vellas1.0eab-greek-vellas.exe107video-sample
greeceaudio-yesGreek koine (Textus Receptus)eab-greek-tr.exe118video-sample1
italyaudio-yesItalian (Riveduta Bibbia 1927)1.0eab-italian-irb.exe97video-sample
russiaaudio-yesRussian (RST 1876)eab-russian-rst.exe79video-sample
audio-yes Spanish (Reina Valera 1909)
1   The TR audio files will be installed to the TR directory. You can later move them to TR Strong, Byzantine or Byzantine Strong .
     The font in the preview video is the Analecta font and it is not included. You can download it from here:  http://users.teilar.gr/~g1951d/
2   Text Bible includes the 4 Gospels, audio Bible includes the books 40,43 (Matthew and John). More audio files of the Luther 1912 Bible could not be found.
3   eab-english-web.exe includes the books 41,42,43.

Version history

v2.11Improved search engine ("whole word" and "From-To books" added), search statistics, some bugs fixed.
v2.03Full screen,  download manager and VLP (Verse List Player) added, fixed some audio gaps (speed mode), some minor improvements.
v1.51Change the speed (tempo) of the audio files, show the words of Jesus in red (if available in the rtf files), improved search engine and  more.  Fixed some bugs when switcing the left to right and right to left Bible translations and when exiting Windows without closing the program. 
v1.37Fixed some errors in Windows 10 64 bit running in some slow cpus
v1.32 Auto Mode and other improvements
v1.30 Auto Mode : Auto verse changing in Bibles without audio.  Larger Verse List (x2) option.
v1.27 You can change the font size of the verse list and some minor improvements.
v1.25 More options added. Adjust audio-text time, select more colors, change the font of the parallel text and more.
v1.24 Bug fixed. In "All" mode the audio skipped the last chapter.
v1.22 Change the mode and font size of the parallel text. Select between
Strong's definitions + Parallel Bible text, Strong's definitions only or Parallel Bible text only.
v1.21 Change the font of the Bible text, insert space between verses and select
one more background color (blue) in the large subtitles.
10 pre-selected fonts and 5 user-selected fonts for easy and fast font changing.
v1.10 "All" and "Loop" buttons added. Play the audio of one or all books, once or in a loop.
More ways to customize the software size and appearance.
Read the Bible in white or black background in the large subtitles mode.
v1.02"Delete Topic" bug fixed, some minor improvements.
"Backward" / "Forward" buttons added. Now you can play previous / next verse with one click.
v1.01Some bugs fixed in find text and search results list